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BELECTRIC is an international leader in solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, with over 120 registered patents. We specialise in the development, construction and operation of large-scale solar projects, including solar farms, commercial rooftop installations and solar car parks. To date we have over 1.5 Gigawatts of clean, green energy installed worldwide — that’s enough to power nearly half a million households and offset well over 600 million kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions per year! In 2014 we created Big60Million, a community benefit energy company, to share the financial, environmental and social benefits of solar farms with local people.

When it comes to running a successful Solar Farm, we believe that delivering positive environmental benefits is a key requirement. Less than 5% of the land on a solar farm has anything physically attached to it, so the rest can be enhanced ecologically to support wildlife and the biodiversity value of the area.

We understand the importance of bees as pollinators as well as honey producers so, wherever possible, we work with BBKA members to introduce honey bees onto our solar farms.

Besides hosting beehives, we plant and maintain species-rich grassland and wildflower meadows between and around our solar arrays. Providing both food and shelter makes our solar farms more welcoming to bees than the intensified agricultural monocultures that have become so prevalent elsewhere in our countryside. We already have over a million bees in residence on our solar farms in the UK.

As an environmentally aware company, we are keen to engage with similarly minded people to take full advantage of the land under our stewardship. Our Solar Farms remain in operation for a minimum of 25 years and are well secured with fences and CCTV, so we can keep hives and equipment safe and provide your bees with a stable long-term home. 

If you are a local BBKA member association or individual member beekeepers and are interested in what our Solar Farms have to offer, please contact us. We are open to our solar farms being used for beekeeper training, bee breeding, queen rearing, and quarantine as well as for apiaries.

We offer a prize for the first beehive installed at each new solar farm!