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British Beekeepers Association

Current Projects

What we are involved in and where we spend our Research Fund

Research, whether investigative or applied, is expensive and the BBKA has to decide where and how its funds can be invested to best effect. We may support a project with seed corn funding, or part fund a Ph.D studentship or be one of a number of organisations involved in supporting research.

Funding Ph.D studentships is of particular interest because not only of the benefits of the results from the research realised but also we have supported a young scientist who may go on to have a career as a bee scientist.

We will also receive applications from beekeepers for funding support for scientifically robust research projects.

Current BBKA financially supported projects include

University of Sussex; Supporting the work of the Hygienic Bees project

University of Keele; Measuring pesticide levels in beeswax in honey bee colonies

University of Keele; Improving Honey Bee Health by Enhancing the Palatability of Food Supplements.

Ron Hoskins; Increasing the gene pool of honey bees showing hygienic behaviour to Varroa destructor