British Beekeepers Association


British Beekeepers Association


Working for the BBKA is interesting and rewarding. Whether it be at our Head Office at Stoneleigh Park or be it home based, you will be supporting what is primarily a volunteer serviced charity.


BBKA News and other publications

Our current ad sales manager is moving to a full-time position and so we seek a person with relevant experience to take on this important task. The position involves selling advertising space in BBKA News, the BBKA Year Book, Members Handbook, Spring Convention Programme and on the BBKA web-site, to relevant clients. This is a part-time home-based position and is remunerated on the basis of a retainer and commission on sales. If you are interested, please forward a brief CV showing your relevant experience to Tim Lovett  who acts as Publisher and who will try to clarify any questions that you may have.



In 2015 there will be four Trustee vacancies. If you are interested in contributing to the future success of the BBKA and have either a Scientific, Marketing, Public Relations, Fundraising or Financial background then please contact us. Deadline for applications 12 weeks before the Annual Delegate Meeting which takes place in January each year. 

Please contact BBKA Operations Director & General Secretary, for more information.