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 If you think you have a swarm of honey bees then please contact your local council, who will be able to advise you and if appropriate will pass your contact details on to a member of our association who may come and collect the swarm.  If you can describe the bees including their colour, and explain what kind of activity you've seen that's helpful.
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Welcome to Durham Beekeepers

The association Apiary - with 200lb of honey ready to be extracted!

Welcome to Durham Beekeeping Association.  We're a friendly bunch of honey bee enthusiasts who meet at 7pm on the last Wednesday of every month at Finchale College, Durham, UK, for bee related conversation and information. 

Each month a different speaker comes to the meeting to share information and expertise, and there's always a cup of tea on the go at the end of the evening.  Beginners are welcome - you don't even have to have your own bees yet, just come along and find out more, although you will have to join the association if you want to keep coming to the meetings.  And the courses run by the Association are excellent - whether you want to start from scratch as a beginner, or you're ready to take the next steps into Intermediate Beekeeping. 

If you'd like to join the Beginners' Course then come along to enrol on the first Wednesday in May - the course is free although you do have to join the Association for insurance reasons - membership is only £20 for the year (£22 from September 2014) and you're then insured to have your own bees as well as belonging to a great group.

The Association has a library of interesting books, available to borrow for members, and members are often willing to help out newer beekepeers who need a bit of mentoring or support, or a hand with equipment. 

The 2014 BBQ
The 2014 BBQ - an opportunity for more bee talk...