Exeter Beekeepers

Exeter Beekeepers - a Branch of Devon Beekeepers Association.

Honeybee on red clover
Who said honeybees can't use red clover. A field of red clover near Woodbury was alive and humming with honeybees this morning. Hopefully from the EBKA apiary!
Devon Beekeepers Association is a Registered Charity - Number 270675 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  welcome to the Exeter Branch

"Membership renewal forms are shown on the right - please don't forget that subscriptions are due by the 31st December - many thanks.


NO FLOOR AND BOUNCING BEES!!! David Friend considers the merits of no floor versus mesh floor in the article on this link. It will be interesting to see what conclusions he draws in the Spring.


The schedule of our Winter Meetings is shown on the 'Meetings' page - see you there!" __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Bee Prepared! There will be a children's competition at the 2017 Honiton Show to design a poster or mobile illustrating how bees work together. Whilst the Honiton Show isn't until August the details are provided now to allow teachers and parents to initiate a project to understand the collaborative working of bees and then design an art work showing their interpretation. See more details on the 'Honey Show' and 'Getting Started' pages. Good luck!


SPRAYING? Do you need to spray your fields and want to warn local beekeepers? Please contact our Spray Liaison Coordinator via the 'Contacts' page.


New forms for the Membership to the Exeter BeeKeepers' Association for 2017 are now available. Remember membership includes attendance at EBKA (and all other Devon meetings), Apiary meetings, and Insurance for your precious colonies. Good value indeed! 2017 Membership forms on the right. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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