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Exeter Beekeepers - a Branch of Devon Beekeepers Association.

Swarm under Pallett
 Swarm colony under pallet - one of Paul Hammond's prize winning photos - Honiton Show
Devon Beekeepers Association is a Registered Charity - Number 270675 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  welcome to the Exeter Branch

"Don't miss the next EBKA Meeting - Bees in your Garden by Mike Long - Tuesday 17th February"


Apidea Bulk Purchase for Queen Raising Would you like to raise more queens this year? I've recently been in communication with the Swiss manufactures of the Apidea mating nuc. These are small polystyrene nucleus hives with integrated feeders, they are stocked with just a cup full of bees and a ripe queen cell. The virgin queen emerges and takes her mating flights from this tiny colony before starting to lay. With viable mating confirmed she can be removed for use elsewhere and a new queen cell added in her place. These nucs have removable floors allowing several to be stacked vertically to house enough bees to overwinter a queen for the following spring. The manufactures have agreed to supply in bulk at reduced price. The price comes to between £14 and £15 per nuc including delivery and depending on exchange rate (Thornes are £36, other suppliers over £20 before delivery). I’m planning to place the order by the end of the month and they will arrive in March in good time for the coming season. If you would like to purchase some mating nucs please email chris.vernon@gmail.com by Sunday 22nd February with the number you required. Your email will be taken as commitment to purchase. Collection should be possible from the branch meeting on Tuesday 17th March or at subsequent apiary meetings. Best regards, Chris Vernon, 07980 709099


YOUR SUGGESTIONS and CONTRIBUTIONS REQUIRED! We all recognise that Exeter BKA needs to reflect the interests of all its Members - from the experienced to the new beekeeper. We would dearly like to hear the suggestions and contributions from as many of you as possible so that our meetings can respond to the more popular requests. To this end please will YOU consider joining the EBKA Committee (or simply come along to one of its meetings) to describe your suggestions - whether you are a new beekeeper or very experienced. Joining the Committee is not intended to be onerous and you are welcome to simply come along and make your suggestions. Please give it some serious thought because new suggestions and ideas are vital to the continued growth of any organisation. Contact our Secretary, Louise Rickard, for the date of the next meeting. Many thanks! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Dates for a number of Shows and Conventions in 2015 have recently been updated on the 'Honey Shows' page. Make sure that you've booked the ones you want to go to into your diaries before others book those dates for you for other events!


Forms for the Membership to the Exeter BeeKeepers' Association for 2015 are now available. Remember membership includes attendance at EBKA (and all other Devon meetings), Apiary meetings, and Insurance for your precious colonies. Good value indeed! 2015 Membership forms on the right- if you haven't remembered to do it yet.


Don't forget, Members are entitled to also attend Evening Meetings at other Devon Associations - see link to their programmes on the right of the 'Meetings' page. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Do you have any interesting photos of bee related items? We are always looking for interesting pictures to put on the 'Home' page so please email to the Webmaster if you are happy for them to be shared... ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________