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Helicon images of pollen and bee parts

Published Feb 15, 2010

Forget-me-not pollen

Forget-me-not pollen : Approx magnification X2100, calculated as follows:

70x objective X magnification  of photo eyepice (X10) X zoom factor in Nikon Coolpix 4500 camera (X3 approximate) = 2100 approximate.

Antenna of drone bee - prepared by 'stitching 4 separate images'
Antenna of drone bee, composite of four images : Approx magnification X50
Bee pMouthparts
Bee mouth parts, composite of four images : Approx magnification X50
Crocus pollen
Crocus pollen : Approx magnification X800
Dandelion pollen
Dandelion pollen : Approx magnification X1000
Antennae of drone bee
Tip of antenna of drone bee : Approx magnification X200
Drone Bee sperm - stained
Drone bee sperm stained coiled : Approx magnification X1200
Drone Bee sperm - unstained
Drone bee sperm unstained : Approx magnification X1200
Hawthorn pollendd
Hawthorn pollen : Approx magnification X1200
Hazel pollen
Hazel (Coylus) pollen : Approx magnification X800
Hogweed pollen
Hogweed pollen : Approx magnification X500
Hypopharyngeal gland
Bee hypopharyngeal gland, Differential Interference Contrast, Nikon Diaphot microscope : Approx magnification X200
Hypopharyngeal gland-2
Bee hypopharyngeal gland: Approx magnification X800
Poached Egg Plant pollen
Limnanthus (poached egg plant) pollen : Approx magnification X1000
Nosema apis, bee pathogen : Approx magnification X1200
Rapeseed pollen
Rapeseed pollen : Approx magnification X800
Sycamore pollen
Sycamore pollen : Approx magnification X800
Tilia pollen
Tilia (Lime) pollen: Approx magnification X1200
Tilia pollen - close up
Tilia (Lime) pollen: Approx magnification X800
Willow pollen
Willow pollen (lower picture) : Approx magnification X800
Willow pollen - close up
Willow pollen : Approx magnification X1200
Poached Egg Plant pollen-2
Limnanthus (poached egg plant) pollen : Approx magnification X800
Heather pollen (Ling)
Ling Heather pollen : Approx magnification X1200
Rosemary Pollen
Rosemary Pollen: approx magnification x1500

The following images result from the collaboration between Peter Sunderland who prepared the specimens and make them into microscope slides and David Linstead who photographed the results.   Some of the photographs were produced using 'image stacking' to give a more 3D effect.  This was done with the Helicon Focus software (

If using these images, please acknowledge David Linstead 2009 and the Quekett Microscopical Club.

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