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Please see the ID card [or double click on the image above]


Guidelines on how to construct

a simple monitoring trap, are shown elsewhere on this website.


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Welcome to the website of the "Jersey Bee Keepers Association" (hosted by the BBKA) This  website contains information and frequently asked questions about bee keeping in Jersey.


2016 Membership Form can be downloaded

from the link at the top right-hand corner of this page.


"JBKA "less than" 100 Club"

The September Draw took place at the recent Council Meeting

and the winning numbers were as follows:-

1st =  61

2nd =  4

3rd  = 28


We can now be contacted by emailing us at

We also have Base Ball Caps, Tee-Shirts, Polo Shirts, and Hoodies in various colours for sale,

along with Mugs all with our new JBKA logo.

 Remember, you don't actually have to be a member of the JBKA to buy any of this branded merchandise, but we'd prefer if you were...!

Please support your local bee keepers.



Honey Show 2016

Now's the time to be thinking about your entries for

the JBKA Honey Show, taking place this year in conjunction with the Cider Festival

at Hamptonne on 8th/9th October.

with the Annual Dinner & Prize Giving on the evening of Saturday 8th October

at Lacerta, Les Ormes, St Brelade.


However, please note the following, regarding attendance at recent events...

Sunday 18th September...only 11 members turned up

Friday 23rd September...only 9 members turned up

these events were organised for you, the general members,

but most of those that attended these events were officers of the association.

So those who stood up at the AGM and complained about a lack of events please take note,

and ask yourself this question "how many JBKA events have I attended this year"..?


so why not attend the Annual Dinner & Prize Giving

so far only 12 people have returned their menu choices and payment  to the Secretary..!


For further information email


If any JBKA member is prepared to provide a location for an apiary visit please advise the Secretary


Bee Classes

The Jersey Beekeepers Association runs one set of 5 theory classes in early spring

each year before active beekeeping usually starts.  Time, weather and other conditions permitting,

we also try to hold at least one Practical, hands-on (gloved of course) session at an

apiary or two in the summer and give advice to those fortunate enough to have acquired  bees.  

We can also advise on mentors to call for help when the bees don't behave as

they're "supposed" to - after all, they do not read all the books about beekeeping!!!


Please contact Judy Collins (JBKA Education Officer) to add your name to the list for any future classes and for any queries... email "