Lancashire and North West Beekeepers' Association

Welcome to our website

The Lancashire & North West Beekeepers' Association is a registered charity (No 506167) and was founded in 1882 as the Lancashire and Cheshire Beekeepers' Association. It was reconstructed separately in 1899.

The Association is affiliated to the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) and is one of the oldest beekeeping Associations in England.

The Association covers the counties of Lancashire and part of Merseyside and has six Branches in total. Some of the Branches run courses for beginners and some also provide assistance for new members. All Branches have an Internet presence and provide programmes (e.g. meeting and event dates) on their own web sites and a programme of events is also held with us.

The Association holds a one day Annual Convention in the Spring which gives the members of all six Branches a chance to meet up, we invite national and internationally renowned beekeepers to come and lecture us. We have two lectures in the morning and two in the afternoon.

We currently have over 640 members.