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Finding the queen

1. A warm part of the day is best – there are fewer foragers 
2. Use as little smoke as possible  - it makes the queen run
3. Cause the minimum of disturbance
4. The queen prefers the ‘dark side’ of the frame and will move quickly out of the sunlight
5. Scan the outside of the frames first and work in towards the centre 
6. If you still can’t find the queen, remove the frames and place them in pairs. Open each pair like a book and inspect
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Welcome to the Lincolnshire Beekeepers' Association

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Welcome to the Lincolnshire Beekeepers’ Association web site. The association covers the largest county in the country and has a number of local district groups within the county.

Lincolnshire Beekeepers are a welcoming group of beekeepers who share a common interest in beekeeping. The association's Objects, as set out in Clause 3 of our Constitution are:
"a) to encourage, improve and advance apiculture primarily but not exclusively within Lincolnshire, to the public good;
b) to advance the awareness of the public in the importance of bees in the environment."

Honey Bees are under increased threat from climate change, viruses and parasites, pesticides and chemical use, and a loss of their natural habitat.  Bees contribute millions of pounds to the UK economy every year and are responsible for the pollination of around 80% of food products that humans eat.  That is before we even begin to talk about the delicious golden honey!

This web site will help you find out about bee keeping in Lincolnshire, so why not take a look around and perhaps join us?  We are sure your will find beekeeping fascinating and very rewarding.

Our members come from all walks of life and all generations with new members always being especially welcome. For Membership enquiries please contact the LBKA Membership Secretary Mr Mike Seal, email: tel 07790190261

For general enquiries please contact the Association Secretary, Secretary: Sallie Raines  email:  Tel: 01472 859046

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