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Jobs for April

 Longer evening again and another season is underway, some things to think about doing this month.

1. Begin regular Inspections, choose a warm, sunny, still day (10°C as a minimum). You’re looking for...
a. Evidence of a Queen (eggs, larvae etc)
b. Checking for any signs of disease/pests
c. Checking stores
d. Assessing the size of colony & amount of brood & any actions that may need to follow on from what you have seen.

2. Consider adding supers if a colony is becoming crowded, if you do many add queen excluders above the brood box.

3. Consider feeding with weak 1:1 syrup during cold/wet periods, especially this year with recent starvation warnings (that’s 1300ml water to 1kg sugar).

4. Consider changing old combs for new, Bailey method or a more gradual shuffling along and replacing 1 outer frame per inspection are possible ways

5. Monitor for early signs of swarming (Queen cups & cells). This may be especially relevant this year after the warm winter & early spring.

6. Think carefully about which swarm control method you plan to use. Keep it simple.

7. If on the swarm collectors list get your kit ready: box, sheet, secateurs & have a plan.

8. Prepare your additional equipment including spare frames, foundation.

9. Possibly unite weak colonies.

10. Maybe mark your queens (easier to find now with less bees and a real timesaver for the rest of the year) & think if any older ones may need replacing this season.

11. If your close to Oil Seed Rape it may well flower early this year, be prepared to extract quickly before it sets.

by our member Ian Campbell
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