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For information about our BEGINNERS TRRAINING course go to the 'TRAINING' icon on the left.

We are tranferring this website to a new one as this one will soon not be supported by the BBKA. The new on can be found at

The Newent Bee Keepers Association is a Branch of the Gloucestershire Bee Keepers Association, which is affiliated to the British Bee Keepers Association. They all exist to promote and further the craft of beekeeping.

We will run a training course for beginners which will start with a theory course in  February  2017 and will be followed by practical sessions in the Spring.   Members also give advice to the public on beekeeping matters.

Membership fees for the year 1st October 2016 to 30th September 2017 are £32.50 for full membership, £23.00 for Partner member, £13.75 for Junior ,and £10.00 for Social member.  Extra is required for BDI for over 3 hives.

INDOOR MONTHLY BRANCH MEETINGS are held in the 6th Form Centre of Newent Community School, Watery Lane, Newent, GL18 1QF