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Feeding your bees

Feeding in the winter

1. Bees are vulnerable at this time of year
2. Make sure your bees don't run out of food
3. Provide fondant if you think they are short of stores
4. A small investment on fondant might turn out to have been invaluable

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Jobs for September

  • estimate winter food stores by hefting hives and/or inspecting each frame
  • top up the stores to +/- 20kg by feeding heavy syrup
  • monitor for Varroa mites and treat immediately if the natural drop exceeds 20 mites per day
  • monitor again after treatment to ensure it has been successful
  • remove queen excluder towards the end of the month if you are leaving a super of honey on the hive. Clean it and store under the roof ready for use next season.

Beginners courses coming in early 2015 - details will be posted here soon

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