Nottinghamshire Beekeepers' Association

Finding the queen

1. A warm part of the day is best – there are fewer foragers 
2. Use as little smoke as possible  - it makes the queen run
3. Cause the minimum of disturbance
4. The queen prefers the ‘dark side’ of the frame and will move quickly out of the sunlight
5. Scan the outside of the frames first and work in towards the centre 
6. If you still can’t find the queen, remove the frames and place them in pairs. Open each pair like a book and inspect
More tips for Auctions


Going, going . . . . .

Nottinghamshire Beekeepers' Association Annual Auction

The annual auction of Bees and Beekeeping Equipment took place on Saturday 12th April 2014 at the Newark and Notts Showground.

It was an exremely busy event with a large number of lots including several hives of bees.

Thanks go to Andrew and Janice Barber, Maurice and Linda Jordan, Arlene and Pete Bull and Rob Jarvie for their help.