Stroud Beekeepers' Association

Beekeeping Tips

University web site

The Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects has an interesting web site featuring four projects which aim to improve bee health and well being.

MAQS Strips

Here is an article on the use of MAQS strips for varroa controls

Preparing honey

Lots of good tips on producing honey for show can be found on the National Honey Show website

Beekeeping Website

'One of the world's most comprehensive beekeeping websites' can be found at


Here's a link to Martha Kearney's bee blog

Preparing bees for winter

Here is a link to a very useful article from the National Bee Unit

Useful Documents

Useful Documents
Toolbox checklist
Membership renwal form
Swarm control
Thymol and tea tree string
Mead recipe
Key beekeeping facts
Five inspection questions
Hive stand
Foraging plants
Winter feeding
Hive record card

Thymol and Tea Tree String

Gareth John's thoughts on varroa control using Thymol string is in Useful Documents

Moving bees

Move bees 3 feet or 3 miles

Bee Space

Bee space is 6 - 9 mm

Useful Beginners' web sites

Our apiary manager, Ian Macdonald sent in not one or two but three links to web sites which have ebooks and training videos which beginners (and others!) may find useful.

Smoker Fuel

What can you burn in your smoker?
1. Rotten wood
2. Cardboard
3. Pine Cones
4. String