West Sussex Beekeepers' Association

Welcome to the West Sussex Beekeepers' Association

 Photo courtesy of Mark Lockett

 About this website

We will be moving to a new website on 1st May.  A link will be available from this website to westsussexbeekeepers.org.uk.

The website is intended to give information to those who are either interested in hive products and their uses or the keeping of honeybees in West Sussex - or both. It is deliberately simple as we want to make it easy for the visitor to find the information they want.

The vast majority of beekeeping activity is done at Divisional level, and for that reason this website should be seen as a signposting service. We hope your enquiry can be dealt with quickly at local level.

A Brief History


Originally we were entitled the Sussex Beekeepers' Association.

In 1941 the Chichester and Midhurst area beekeepers held a General Meeting at which it was agreed that a 'Chichester & Midhurst Division of the Sussex Beekeeepers’ Association' be formed.  This Division evolved through the years and other Divisions, including Littlehampton (no longer active), Worthing and Wisborough Green came into existence to form the current West Sussex Beekeepers' Association with over 400 members.  The latest Division to join WSBKA is Central Sussex.

Sussex Beekeepers' Association continues, being active in the east of the county.  

Found a swarm?

Please use the Divisions link to find your local Division and members who will be pleased to deal with swarms of honeybees.  Or check out the BBKA website to find a local swarm collector closest to your postcode -  www.bbka.org.uk/help/find_a_swarm_coordinator.php

A swarm in May is worth a load of hay;
A swarm in June is worth a silver spoon;
But a swarm in July is not worth a fly.

- Proverb

Quote for the month

Listen! O, listen!
Here come the hum the golden bees
Underneath full blossomed trees,
At once with glowing fruit and flowers crowned.

- James Russell Lowell