Wye Valley Beekeepers Association

Smoker Fuel

What can you burn in your smoker?
1. Rotten wood
2. Cardboard
3. Pine Cones

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Wye Valley Beekeepers

The Wye Valley Beekeepers Association is a small body of beekeepers centred on the Golden Valley in Herefordshire, who seek to keep the art of beekeeping alive in the area and to encourage others to take up the craft.

Our courses, lectures and demonstrations seek to educate beginners and more experienced beekeepers with proven knowledge and good habits, to increase the enjoyment of beekeeping and to help reduce failures.

Association Apiary site with six hives, used for beginners to practice, demonstrations, queen rearing, small meetings etc. We hope to expand this coming season, with more of our members using it. We meet regularly, although in small numbers, which we hope will improve with time.

Honeybee on Viburnum

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We have an extensive library, and a honey extractor for hire to members. We hold our Annual Auction on April 15th for the purchase of second-hand beekeeping equipment, and our founder member is an agent for Thornes where new equipment, wax and treatments etc. can be bought.

Bees on Honeycomb

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