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February 2016 BBKA News highlights

Can you tell whether you have a drone-laying queen or laying workers? The signs are there if you know what to look for. So read our guide on PAGE 45 and take appropriate remedial action, and all will not be lost.

We are familiar with the many benefits of honey, but not all plants yield harmless nectar. Some plants lace their nectar with potentially toxic or 'mind-altering' chemicals. But why 'reward' a pollinator in such a way? Read what researchers believe the motivations for this might be on PAGE 51.

We can always learn something from our fellow beekeepers, whether they are in the UK or living abroad. Zambian beekeepers, with their hives in tree-tops in the sun-roasted Miombo woodlands, are no exception, as you will see on PAGE 55. These hard-working beekeepers manage and conserve the woodland forests to preserve them for their bees; the income they receive from beekeeping is reinvested wisely, funding children's education and improving family quality of life. A sustainable and inspirational work-life balance is achieved with consideration for the environment to boot.