Swarm Season will soon be upon us!

REGISTRATION IS EASY, please contact your Branch swarm coordinator with your consent and details in a spreadsheet like this

-Please read the Swarm Collectors Protocol before you sign up- 


The snow drops are out and Spring won’t be far away now so we need to start making preparations for this season’s swarm collecting.  As we have moved to a new website the way the swarm collectors’ information will be presented is different to previous years.

When visitors to the website search for a swarm collector they will be directed to a Google map something like the one below:


They will choose the pin nearest to their location and when the pin is clicked a box will open showing

Name:                   Contact Telephone(s):                           Email :

This information will be available to the public so could you please ensure that all swarm collectors are happy for their details to be displayed in this way.

The information that the BBKA office require from each Branch in order to collate the data is shown on the attached excel spreadsheet.

The Google map will be populated using the postcode of the swarm collector, it may therefore be possible for users to zoom in and to identify the home address of a collector which is not desirable.  We therefore strongly suggest that members wishing to be on the swarm list and are concerned about their address becoming public should provide a postcode that is in their locality eg the centre of the village, a public building, a street several hundred yards from their home.



Please use the Excel spreadsheet to send to your Swarm secretary

IF YOU ARE A DIRECT MEMBER (Member number starting 599.0)

Please use the Excel spreadsheet to tell us your details – send it completed to [email protected]