A Queen rearing workshop for Master Beekeepers 

This course is an opportunity to consolidate knowledge and skills in the technique of grafting and is aimed at those who will be teaching queen rearing in their local groups or branches.

 Course Tutor  Clive de Bruyn

 Date Friday pm  21st June – Sunday 23rd June

 BBKA Stoneleigh CV8 2LG

Cost £75  (you will need to find accommodation and evening meals, light lunches will be supplied)

 By attending the course your are agreeing to pass on your skills through queen rearing courses in your local branches.

 We will initially only be offering the course to Master beekeepers, if you would like to apply for a place please email [email protected] for an application form.  Numbers will be limited.

 I look forward to hearing from you

 Anne Rowberry

Practical Queen Rearing Course for Master Beekeepers

Notes from Clive de Bruyn

 Undoubtedly there are a multitude of ways to raise queens.  Honeybees have been doing it successfully for 30 million years.  In the short time available on the weekend course I will be explaining and demonstrating some of the methods I have used, with success, in England and abroad.

The course is not about breeding bees. It is devoted principally to rearing a number of queens from selected colonies at a time that suits the beekeeper (within reason).  A healthy respect for the bees does help to achieve the required outcome but the emphasis will be on the beekeeper being in charge not the bees.

 Beekeepers are required to bring their own protective equipment if they intend participating in handling bees. Please observe normal sanitary precautions. Overalls etc should be clean. We do not want to move disease around.

 All operations involving inspecting stocks will be subject to the climatic conditions at the time. The programme may have to be altered to take account of the weather.