Harper Adams University, Newport,  Shropshire,  TF10 8NB

12,13,14 April 2019


The National Beekeeping Event of the Year!

  • 20+ Lectures; 60+ Workshops & Seminars for all levels of beekeeping experience
  •  Research Session Saturday 13th for BBKA sponsored studies
  • Hear from scientist Samuel Ramsey who discovered varroa mites feed on bee organs not their blood  
  •  Large Tradeshow Saturday 13th
  •  Excellent facilities and great value catering
  •  On-site accommodation SOLD OUT - Please DO NOT phone Harper Adams

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Click on the blue links for more information: download the Full Programme or FAQS

Tickets: Entry all areas with full Convention Wristband:  Full Day or Week-End tickets from £12 to £26 In-Advance (£15 - £30 On-the-Day).  Trade Show Only - £5 on-the-day.. All delegates must wear a wristband for admission.  Website wristband bookings close 2nd April.  Thereafter wristbands can only be purchased at the Convention Reception. For ticket pricing details please see Tickets.

To go to the booking website click, BookEvents and scroll down for 'Wristbands', 'Workshops & Seminars' and 'Dinners'.

Read How to Book using the web-based system. The Events Listing and Events Schedules give an overview of what’s on offer to help you plan your visit. Details of the Lecture Programme are here and the Workshops & Seminars are here. It’s best to pre-book Workshops & Courses to secure your place. Course fees are payable for some workshops, but many can be booked free of charge. Read about the Catering that’s available on-site.  Just click on the BookEvents link to take you to the booking web-site.

The Tradeshow on Saturday 13th only, features all the main suppliers/leading companies. Non-profit organisations will be exhibiting on Friday and Saturday. Buy Trade Show Only day tickets, £5, on Saturday in the Harper Adams Faccenda Building. The Site Plan is here

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