i) Mead must be exhibited in clear colourless (or slightly green tinted) glass 75 cl  bottles of the new  sauterne type (of round section with rounded not fluted  shoulders) without lettering or  ornament of any kind.  Bottles with a punt, a  shallow punt or with a flat bottom are equally acceptable. 
ii) The bottle must be stoppered by a cork with a white (or cream coloured) plastic flange and be easily  removable by hand, not tied down or requiring mechanical aids to remove it.  No foil or other wrapping around the stopper to be allowed. 
iii) The bottle must contain  a minimum of 75 cl of the mead type specified.
iv) The exhibit must be made by the exhibitor by the process of fermentation only. No fortification by any method allowed.
v) No alcohol, flavouring or colouring matter may be added (other than herbs to Metheglin)