i) Bees exhibited in purpose-made observation hives must be able to fly at all times.
ii) Exhibits must contain ample stores to last the bees the duration of the show
iii) Exhibitors of Observation hives should  ensure that the bees have a supply of water at all times.
iv) Observation hives will be judged equally for educational appeal as well as  their contents.
v) Exhibitors should ensure that either they or some other knowledgeable responsible person should be in attendance at all times that the public are present.
vi) Nucleus hives for competition should be prepared in accordance with the British Standard no 1372
( i.e. There should be a laying queen present with  brood in all stages covering at least half the comb area with an  average  of  1.25 lbs of honey and pollen per comb, and sufficient bees to fully cover all the combs.)
vii) Exhibitors must ensure that all exhibits of live bees are healthy and free of notifiable diseases.