• The labels as supplied by the Show Secretary must not be altered in any way.


  • Except where otherwise stated, no label, trade mark, name or writing or other distinguishing mark may be placed on or attached to an exhibit.


  • Labels shall be affixed as follows:
  1. a) To jars and bottles so as to leave 2cm between the bottom edge of the label and the base of the vessel.
  2. b) To wax: on the upper surface of the wax displayed and if applicable, a duplicate label on its container. On small blocks of wax a label shall be affixed to each item.
  3. c) To sections and comb honey frames: at the top right hand corner of the front vertical face of the case and a duplicate on the top right of the horizontal bar of the square section or frame within. On round sections one label to the rings and the duplicate on face of the section. On candles the label is to be affixed near the base.
  4. d) To cut comb containers: one on the lid and a duplicate label on the side of the container.
  5. e) To cakes and confectionary: on a plain white cardboard plate placed together with the exhibit in a clear plastic bag or cake cover on which a duplicate label is affixed. Only and bag, or cake cover supplied by the show at the time of staging will be permitted.
  6. f) To displays, shop window, trade exhibits and all other exhibits: so as to be completely visible on the base or table.
  7. g) To photographic classes: On prints or images in the top right hand corner of the mounting card.

  •  Exhibits in commercial or shop window classes should conform to current food labelling regulations.