After the 3rd Asian hornet finding of 2019 (updated 11th September), it couldn't be a more pertinent time to raise the awareness of this invasive species. The insect was confirmed on the 2nd September and was found by a member of the public in Tamworth, Staffs and another has since been found and confirmed in Ashford in Kent on the 9th September.

This year, Asian Hornet Week takes place between the 9th to the 15 September.

September is the time of year when Asian hornets start hawking honeybees at hive entrances. The early autumn is the last chance we will have to prevent the emergence of new Asian hornet queens. 

A further reminder that if we are to have any chance of stopping Asian Hornets from becoming established in the UK all Beekeepers, AHATs and local BKAs need to be prepared and spend periods of time being on the look out for Asian Hornets at apiaries throughout this autumn.