I’m based in Hampshire and have been involved with my local associations in Fleet and before that Basingstoke for many years as well as previously acting as the Education Officer for Hampshire beekeepers before I was voted in as a BBKA Trustee in Jan 2016. I’ve been a serial entrepreneur in the high-tech space for most of my career and have many years of senior level commercial experience that I’ve most recently applied to my “ early retirement project” Bee Good, making a range of bee-based cosmetics.  I’m now using my experience to help on various aspects of the BBKA particularly in regards to supporting schools, areas of technology such as the new website and supporting our brilliant fund-raising team of George and Claire. I’m also responsible for ensuring that we as a Trustee body have the training and knowledge to act in the best interests of the BBKA whilst remaining fully compliant with the rules from the Charity Commission that govern us as an organisation.

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