Suzanne Bennett - elected at January 2018 ADM for 3 year term

It’s funny how often in life it’s a number of things that contribute to a decision. For me, getting into beekeeping was a combination of: donning all the garb to join an inspection at a friend’s apiary...buying some local honey and hearing that it has natural properties which help guard against infections...and my son having asthma, and spending a fortune on bought local honey to alleviate his symptoms. Then when a friend said she was doing the Introductory Course, we did it together – in 2011. A few months later we got a swarm and we were beekeepers.

As for my greatest work achievement, there are lots of ways to measure success. From a personal satisfaction point of view, mine would still have to be negotiating a sabbatical year from the civil service to teach english as a foreign language in Japan in 1991-2. I took my certificate over with me and found a job, lived with Japanese people and taught business men and women around Tokyo and Yokohama. It was a stunning cultural experience and taught me that people’s beliefs and values can be very different from ours – not right, not wrong, just different. 

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