My passion for bees has led me to pursue a PhD in honey bee nutrition, physiology and behaviour at Newcastle University in order to contribute to the scientific efforts to help reduce their decline.

Arising from my life roles as a researcher in science, mother, lecturer and a STEM ambassador I have very strong interest in teaching school children about bees to inspire them to pursue an advanced degree in science.

However, I always feel that I still want to do more and to take action to fill the gap between pure research and the community in “The real world”.  In fact it could be said it is one of my life goals! With this in mind, I started to share my knowledge with other beekeepers and the public by giving a series of lectures and participated in teaching beekeeping to more than 400 people in the south of Egypt under the fund provided by USAID in 2014-2015.

Being in England, a 31 year-old female, with a strong passion for bees, backed up by practical experience in beekeeping, outreach education and active involvement in on-going high level scientific research, I applied for the Trustee position to use all these skills to contribute towards steering the BBKA towards a better future.

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