The BBKA recently took the opportunity to join the European Beekeeping Association (EBA). 

This will provide a good opportunity for the BBKA to work alongside its counterparts on areas of mutual interest and to evaluate long term participation.

The three primary goals of the European Beekeeping Association are:

  • The fight against counterfeit honey that has flooded the European market
  • The fight for the introduction of special subsidies per beehive based on the contribution to the pollination of cultivated and uncultivated plants and the improvement of ecology
  • The fight against the improper use of pesticides which are toxic to bees

Further details can be found in the EBA brochure or on the EBA website.

The EBA also have an electronic monthly magazine, “NO BEES, NO LIFE”,  which is completely free and available to download from the EBA website.

June 2024