Tuesday 18th October 2022 

The British Beekeepers' Association (BBKA) is celebrating the first National Honey Day on Friday 21st October when we are encouraging people to buy a jar of local honey, produced by bees here in the UK. 

Not only do we want to ensure people are aware of all the benefits honey provides but we are seeking to celebrate the pleasure of eating honey. 

Honey has been enjoyed all over the world for centuries, it was found in the Egyptian tombs and is often depicted being collected by bees in ancient cave drawings. 

We want friends and families to share pictures of themselves on social media with their honey and to show us how they like to use it. On toast, in porridge, baking cakes or perhaps making mead and cosmetics with honey?

BBKA President, Anne Rowberry, says:

We are keen for the public to know where their honey originates and buying local honey means they know the area where the bees have been working. Local honey shows the variation in colour and taste of honey depending on which plants have been available to the bees.”

                 The jars of honey above have been entered into classes at a honey show. 

Please support the BBKA petition: 

The BBKA is calling on the Government to revisit the intended change in labelling of honey sold in the UK. Some changes were due to have come into law later this year but have been delayed until 2024. We want people to be able to recognise honey produced here in the UK and be able to have a choice about what they are buying. 

The BBKA’s 28,000 amateur beekeepers produce honey that goes straight from the comb to the jar.

Notes for editors: If you would like to interview an expert from the BBKA please contact our Press Officer Diane Roberts [email protected] or call 07841-625797