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Schools Project

To complement the articles featured in BBKA News this month we have some guidance to Branches and Associations taking on school members between now and the next ADM.Read more

Calling all beekeepers! Join our honey monitoring scheme

The UK’s beekeepers are being asked to support an innovative scheme that could provide a better understanding of the factors that impact on the size and health of honeybee populations, and on honey yields.Read more

BBKA Adopt a Beehive

Adopt a Beehive going from strength to strength.Read more

Honey Bee Colony Losses spring 2018

In the last decade, elevated losses of western honey bee colonies have been observed, mainly in Europe and North America, but the underlying causes still remain unclear. COLOSS now invites you to fill in the questionnaire for 2018.Read more

Honey Week Oct 22nd - 28th 2018

National Honey Week 22nd – 28th 2018. The BBKA celebrates National Honey in the last week of October, to celebrate the unique, natural substance, honey.Read more

Asian Hornet Guidance from our Newton Abbot branch

Be part of/lead a surveillance team from Branch members. (See for details of aims) - Updates from Devon and the latest DEFRA consultation documentRead more

Bees in Schools

Local branches and associations are the key to nurturing a new generation of beekeepers. Without local level encouragement and assistance, our plan to inspire schools, youth and community groups and the wider public cannot succeed.Read more

Schools' Pack - first 100 £25!

Please have a look at our new Schools' Pack available from the 13th April.Read more

7 Positive Thinking - Newsletter from the Chair

Updates about the BBKA from the Chair of the BBKA.Read more

Bill Turnbull

British journalist, presenter and fervent supporter of honey bees Bill Turnbull has sadly revealed he had been diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer from last November.Read more

Swarm Collectors

The online facility at is a list of BBKA/Association members who are willing to be contacted by members of the general public in the event of them having a problem with a swarm of honey bees.Read more

Adopt a Beehive appeal for new family

BBKA wants a new family to help share the world of the honeybee with the publicRead more