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International Meeting of Young Beekeepers 2019

Assessment was a great success and the team has been chosen!Read more

Officer Insurance

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Exams and Assessments of the BBKA

The Examination Board is responsible for the examinations framework of the BBKA and for setting written and practical examinations in support of the BBKA's desire to educate and set standards for beekeepersRead more

BBKA Constitution 2018

BBKA Constitution 2018Read more

BBKA Leaflets September 2018

BBKA Leaflets for pocket-guide Bee-Keeper learning information, and for shows.Read more

Kids - 7-15 years

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Kids - 7 and under

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Policies and Procedure

BBKA risk assessments for observation hives,Read more

10 Favourite Flowers to attract Honey Bees

ten favourite flowers for small gardens to attract honey bees.Read more

Honey Bee Swarms

Honey bee swarmsRead more

Leaflets Available to download or purchase

Leaflets available to purchase or downloadRead more

Asian Hornet Traps

News from the Government about the best traps to help catch and identify Asian Hornets over the coming seasonRead more

Collecting a Swarm

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RSS Feeds

A page to list the main RSS Feeds on the siteRead more

Members' Equipment

BBKA members can get their equipment insured with Buckland HarvesterRead more


BBKA News onlineRead more

Forum Information

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Charitable Incorporated Organisation

BBKA plans to change to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)Read more