Become an armchair beekeeper and share in the hidden world of the honey bee.

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Adopt a Beehive South & Central - £36

Adopt a Beehive Scotland & Northern Ireland - £36

  Adopt a Beehive Wales & West - £36

       Adopt a Beehive in North - £36

    Adopt a Beehive in London - £36 

Your virtual adoption

When you Adopt a Beehive with the BBKA you are sent a ‘welcome’ box of goodies which includes:

• a jar of honey,
• a ‘Pocket Guide to the Honey Bee’
• a packet of pollinator-friendly wildflowers seeds
• a Burt’s Bees lip balm

In addition to your three seasonal updates from your beehive, you'll receive a copy of our Hive Talk newsletter. Each edition contains a wealth of information about the world of beekeeping and ways you can help, including gardening tips and ideas to help feed the honey bees too. All for just £36 including p&p per annum.

A great gift for anyone with an interest in honey bees and honey!

Order yours today and help us help the honey bee.


When you Adopt a Beehive with the BBKA, you will be supporting environmental and education projects to help develop projects and research into sustainability for our honey bees. All the beekeepers involved in the scheme, from young families and urban beekeepers, right up to master beekeepers, are volunteers who share their news to help make a difference to the honey bee.

See our current research projects for 2018 here

Adopt a Beehive has helped to fund many practical projects including Ron Hoskins’ ‘Swindon Honey Bee Conservation Group’ which is working to breed varroa tolerant honey bees. The parasitic mite, varroa destructor, has spread across the UK devastating thousands of colonies. Ron’s painstaking work may mean a breakthrough for honey bees and the end of chemical treatments to tackle the varroa problem.

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