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Please note that unfortunately this insurance scheme has been discontinued. As a result, Aston Lark will be unable to offer renewal terms and cover will cease from your renewal date.

The BBKA All Risks Insurance was arranged with the unique buying power of the BBKA’s 25,000+ members. However, over the period of 3 years since it began (31/01/2018), less than 2% of members have bought the cover. In addition, claims have been relatively high in relation to premiums.

Aston Lark can still offer BBKA Members cover, on one of two routes:

For local Associations, Branches and Beekeepers with a lot of equipment, Aston Lark can quote on a bespoke basis with a specially selected and adapted policy with Hiscox. However, the minimum cost will increase to at least £140.  Please contact David Hudson:  [email protected]

For Hobby Beekeepers Aston Lark suggest you have a discussion with your household insurers with the aim of adapting your insurance cover to include hives in the open and other insurance covers that may not automatically be catered for.  If they are unable to assist, Aston Lark has negotiated facilities that will give most of, or all the insurance cover, you may require on one of more of their own Household Insurance policies but they can only do so by arranging all your Household cover (not just beekeeping equipment).

Aston Lark would be very pleased to hear from you if you would like a Household Insurance quotation, including beekeeping equipment, please contact: 

[email protected]  0161 830 1294 or [email protected]  0161 830 1283
3 Parsonage, Manchester, M3 2HW