Whether you have an Association Apiary, or one of your own, the BBKA has negotiated competitive rates for members with Buckland Harvester Insurance Brokers to cover your beekeeping equipment.

Buckland Harvester Insurance Brokers offer specialist cover - Contents Insurance (All Risks) - aimed at groups and organisations who are members of the British Beekeepers Association.

More details about the policy can be obtained on the website : beekeepersinsurance.co.uk

If you have already have a policy and want to contact  Buckland Harvester please email  [email protected]

Angela Corbo       0161 830 1289       [email protected]

Nikki Colcombe   0161 830 1290       [email protected]

Please contact Buckland Harvester Insurance Brokers for full details of the cover available, including any exclusions and limitations that may apply.

Please note that insurance is provided through a third party supplier via Buckland Harvester Insurance Brokers. The all risks policy has been negotiated by Buckland Harvester on behalf of BBKA members. Insurance applications and their outcomes are the decision of the underwriter over which neither the BBKA nor Buckland Harvester have any influence. Should your apiary site or equipment be stored on an Environment Agency designated Flood Plain your application may be declined.