Asian Hornet Week 10th - 16th September 2018

We will be holding Asian Hornet Week during 10-16 September, since this is the time of year when Asian hornets start hawking honeybees at hive entrances. The early autumn is the last chance we will have to prevent the emergence of new Asian hornet queens. 

Why is Asian Hornet Week being held?

The #AsianHornetWeek will hopefully encourage all beekeepers to spend several one-hour sessions looking out for Asian hornets at their apiaries during fine weather. If you pin a 'skirt' around your hives you will force Asian hornets to hawk in front of the hive rather than ambushing bees from underneath and you can see if your bees are under attack. 

It will need this amount of time as, unlike in France, there are more insects in the UK because they haven’t been eaten by competing colonies of Asian Hornets, so Asian Hornets won’t be relying on the bees for protein in quite the same way.

In case you do not understand why we are worried about these non native insects here is a graphic showing what they eat: 

Can you recognise an Asian hornet? 

Make sure you are able to identify an Asian hornet, The Non Native Species Secretariat (NNSS) leaflet reproduced on page 209-210 of June BBKA News, shows the key ID features of Asian hornets and of similar species that could be wrongly identified as Asian hornets. Also there is a useful video on Youtube from Martyn Hocking at:

You can also find useful id sheet about all the key features of  Vespa Velutina here:

What do we do if we spot an Asian hornet?

Report all sightings, preferably with a photo, to [email protected] or use the Asian Hornet Watch mobile phone app to report sightings with a GPS location added. 

Why not organise a local event? 

You could usefully organise the formation of a local Asian Hornet Action Team (AHAT) see . Equally, you could run an event aimed at teaching others to identify the Asian hornet and the differences between it and the native European hornet. 

What is the BBKA organising? 

The BBKA will be inviting entomology organisations to participate in Asian Hornet Week ; more details to follow. 

It is essential that in the light of the most recent Asian Hornet incursions involving Fowey Cornwall, Bury Lancashire and Boston Lincolnshire, we all participate in searching out these pests. 

Live #AsianHornetWeek webinar held by BeeCraft

In support of Asian Hornet Week the September BeeCraft Live webinar will take place on Thursday 13th September at 8.00pm UK time and will last for approximately 1 hour. 

The event will be hosted by Rhodri Powell, an experienced Welsh beekeeper. Guests will include Keven Baughen, a beekeeper in France, who will offer the benefit of his experiences of dealing with the Asian Hornet. On that page there is a facility to email questions before, and during the event. 

It can be watched through the BeeCraft website at this link:

Wasp survey 2018


The results of the 2017 Big Wasp Survey are in and thankfully no Asian Hornets ( Vespa Velutina). There will be another survey taking place before during and after Asian Hornet Week so if you would like to take part register here:


A further reminder that if we are to have any chance of stopping Asian Hornets from becoming established in the UK all Beekeepers, AHATs and local BKAs need to be prepared and spend periods of time being on the look out for Asian Hornets at apiaries throughout this autumn. Guidance found here.