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Documentation for the ADM  15 January 2022:

Notification Letter

Plans for Hybrid Meeting

BBKA 2022 ADM Hybrid Meeting – What you Need to Know v2

Delegate Nomination Form to be returned to office preferably by Friday 22nd October 2021 but no later than Friday January 7th 2022

*  Pre-Vote for Acceptance of Hybrid Meeting

*  Proposition Form

*  Trustee Nomination Form   What Does a BBKA Trustee Do?  Trustee code of Conduct  

*  President Nomination Form

*  Examination Board Member Nomination Form

* These forms must be returned to the office by Friday 22nd October 2021

Proxy Voting Form

Draft Minutes of the ADM 16 January 2021

Follow-up work on Propositions brought to the ADM: 2021

The ADM 2022 Delegate Pack will be available to download here from 19th November 2021

ADM 2021 Delegate Pack :  Index  Part 1- Reports    Part 2 - Accounts  Part 3 - Man Reports  

Part 4 - Nominations  Part 5 - Propositions

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