If you think you've got what it takes to offer a sanctuary to honey bees get in touch.

We are currently in the process of mapping sites across the UK where people have land to house beehives. Our aim is to get you teamed up with one of our 25,000 > beekeepers and set up a mutual relationship between the host, beekeeper, and of course the bees!

And if you think you might not have enough forage available this year, don't fear. There is a lot of research around right now about the best plants for pollinators, and we have a great guide available here to tell you what you can get planting to gear up to be the ideal Bee and Bee. 

To register your place on the forthcoming map, please send your postcode / email address / a photo of the land and tell us whether you're a business or it is a personal address to [email protected]