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BBKA has been given a stylish, modern, walkway with information boards about bees and beekeeping.

The Bee Pod is in the shape of a hexagon and has speakers and spaces for flowers to be displayed.




It was commissioned by Bermondsey Street Bees from Imagination which is a multinational advertising and marketing agency.

Sarah Wyndham Lewis of Bermondsey Street Bees who wrote the recent book ‘Planting for Honeybees - the Growers Guide to Creating a Buzz’ explains how it came about:

“Imagination’s Graduate team has to undertake a community project each year, using all their various skills from graphics and copywriting to CGI and event production.

“They asked Bermondsey Street Bees to set them a project based around honeybee sustainability and conservation. Various ideas batted backwards and forwards but the one which really stuck was around the growing number of hives in London and the shrinking green spaces, highlighting the necessity of planting.

“They devised both the amazing stand and graphics, plus a soundtrack and digital imaging presentation.

“It’s been fantastic for us to receive such support from industry and to work with such an enthusiastic and multi-talented group of graduates.”

The BBKA is still deciding how to use the walkway but don’t be surprised to see it an event near you soon!