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At the meeting of the Exam Board on 29.10.2018 it was decided to change the entry requirements to our written exams, ie. the modules, to ensure inclusivity.

We are trying to be as accessible to as many people as possible and are simply removing barriers to entry.

In the future it will not be necessary to have passed the Basic Assessment in order to take the modules although candidates still need to be members of the BBKA. However, we still remain committed to the Basic Assessment as we feel this is an important first step to becoming a fully qualified beekeeper.

Members who only take the appropriate modules will be eligible for the Intermediate Theory Certificate and Advanced Theory Certificate but the requirements for Master Beekeeper remain unchanged. Members wishing to progress to Master Beekeeper will still have to take the Basic, General Husbandry and Advanced Husbandry Assessments.

-Pam Hunter, Chair of the Exam Board

NB This change will take place from late next year