Current advice for branches and associations on Schools Members

(access to Bees in the Curriculum website / insurance off the school site / BBKA News / FREE entry to Junior Certificates)

For schools wanting to become a member (non-beekeeping school)

  • One school contact to be named under ‘Schools’ membership (same cost to BBKA HQ as a 'registered' member) – using school address and email address

For schools wanting to become a ‘beekeeping school’ (I.e keep bees onsite)

  • We strongly recommend that there are at least 2 additional ‘partner’ beekeepers in case of sickness or absence (but can be more)
  • All of the above should have ideally completed introduction courses before keeping bees onsite
  • Strongly recommend that they have initial support of an association/branch mentor

To record this in ER2, the membership database

  • Main contact registered under ‘Schools’ category
  • ‘Partner’ members to be listed under same address (these people must be teachers, support staff, parents or governors associated with the school)
  • To denote that all members belong to the same school we recommend highlighting this manually in their membership record by marking for both the main school member and the partner members their school name in the first line of the address. In this way the BBKA can easily see which school member the partners are associated with. Each partner should have their own unique membership number.

Insurance to think about

  • Beekeeping activities on school site should be added to School insurance
  • Apiary visits off-school site will need to be covered on School insurance

Insurance already in place

  • Non 'schools’ Beekeepers' wanting to do talks in-school with an observation hive are already covered by BBKA insurance. Here is our associated schools visit risk assessment for visiting beekeepers