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Dear Members, 

The weather is getting wetter and the nights are certainly drawing in.  I have not been able to get into my bees for over two weeks and with the forecast it may be another two weeks before I can give them their final check before winter really sets in. 

So, what is happening at BBKA? Well, the building work has well and truly started.

 As you can see, it has opened the space out considerably, there is a wall to be built but you get the general picture, all the staff are now temporarily working from the board room and kitchen  upstairs, so if there are delays in answering any requests please bear with them. 

As we approach the year end, we will have to take stock of all that we have of value.  It is our intention to start a new and effective stock control system from the beginning of the new financial year. We should be able to start with the numbers that we have to produce for the accountants.  This will make life easier as we will include minimum stock dates so that we can re-order effectively before the stock runs out. 
Asian Hornets 
By now, you should all know that there has been a sighting of Asian Hornets in Woolacombe in Devon.  We know that every available inspector has been working on this and they have found and destroyed the nest. Hopefully they managed to do this before the new queens have left home to hide somewhere over winter. 
We have had an offer from Nigel Semmence from DEFRA to come to the Stoneleigh Office to train staff and trustees about the Asian hornet. What exactly to look for and how to identify and who to report to.  That will help if any members think they have a sighting and are not sure what to do. 
DEFRA have released a mobile phone App to help people correctly identify the Asian Hornet, the App is free from both the Apple and Android App store and works on all suitable smart phones.  
Apparently the nest for the Asian Hornet in Jersey was found in a shed, so they are not necessarily up in the tree tops. 

More information here:
Apimondia Convention – Istanbul, Turkey.
Whilst Margaret Murdin and John Hendrie were at the Apimondia Convention, they entered our own BBKA News and all the Special Issue Booklets into the World Beekeeping Awards competition, sadly it was not a winner as the judges went for more scientific journals.  But at least we tried. 
It is nice to note that a BBKA judge (Margaret Davis) was in charge of all the judging at the World Beekeeping Awards at Apimondia. 
More details at:
New BBKA Schools Scheme
We have just been told that Calderstones School which was first to get the Junior Certificates in the new School Scheme has been shortlisted for Eco School of the Year in the North West - this is based on the wildflower meadow and presumably the beekeeping. Here's the article from Educate Magazine showing the shortlists:
National Honey Show
We will have a stand at the National Honey Show and the initial run of ‘How to’ laminated leaflets will be available; the first one is on a Bailey Comb Change, kindly written by Wendy Maslin. You will be able to take it with you to the Apiary without the fear of it being damaged by weather or bees’.
We also have a new BBKA News Special Issues booklet out, which should also be available at the stand.  It’s called Flower Families for Forage, by Celia Davis, Master Beekeeper, NDB.   It will be £3 from the BBKA stand at the NHS and £4 (inc P&P) afterwards from the BBKA shop.
Visitors to the BBKA stand at the NHS will also be able to get an early view of the new BBKA website. There has been a lot of work put into this especially by the office staff and George Brown and we do hope you like the results of all their labours. 
The Northern counties are looking to work together in a similar way that the South West counties do, this is still work in progress, but it looks good. 
We have some interesting meetings scheduled with companies who want to be involved in promoting bees and beekeeping. These will happen in the next few weeks, so when we have some positive news resulting from the meetings we will let you know. 

Show trailer 
The Shows committee held a meeting recently and we are still looking at providing a ‘Trailer’ which can travel to any Association which may want to use it for their show. One option might be a self-contained unit with a drop down walk-in front and ‘wings’ that open out with display boards. Hopefully it will hold the Hive Experience and all the equipment you will need for a show. It would be good if Associations would let us know if there is any interest in using this - after all, the whole idea is to support you as major stakeholders in achieving our Charitable Objectives.

-Margaret Wilson-