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We have opened this category up in the hope of encouraging more beekeepers to go into schools and share in the magic and excitement of our craft.

As a 'Schools Member' ONE NAMED MEMBER OF STAFF will sign up to your assoc/branch with their school address and school email address to get their BBKA News sent out to them. They get the same rights as a registered member for voting at the ADM and will be the sole named person who can come along to your branch meetings.

We recommend that the school advise their own insurers. We have heard from beekeeping schools that they have not experienced any issues with adding beekeeping to their existing insurance cover.

Bee Diseases Insurance is available, as it is to all members, should they want to add this to their membership.

Not all visiting beekeepers will need DBS checks to go in to do talks, but all schools have different policies on this so please check with the staff. Should you need to have one done the cost is around £25: You must be 16 or over to apply and it usually takes up to 14 days for you to receive your certificate and it will last for 3 years.

To build a bridge between your group and the school we have launched Bees in the curriculum 
There is now free access to everyone - beekeepers and schools, and members of the public.

We hope this resource will help get the children thinking about mini-beasts, bee anatomy, beekeepers and the world around them and wider environment issues in general. And we hope it helps you in inspiring great things in the minds of children.