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As you may know, last year the BBKA launched a school membership category with schools contacting us direct. However, this has not been entirely successful as the schools are keen to link with our local branches and associations so that there is the possibility of mentoring and advice. Branches tell us too that they enjoy working with schools.

We are therefore going to create a new membership category for schools to become members of the local beekeeping branch. Unfortunately this cannot happen until our next annual meeting which is January 2019.

In the meantime we suggest that a representative from the school could become a registered member of your branch. If you then inform us that this person is in fact a school, we can arrange to send them either Bees in the Curriculum or for senior schools the Course in the Case.

Hopefully the ADM will accept our proposal for the new membership category for schools and community groups.

We hope this arrangement is acceptable in the interim.

Claire Hartry, Schools Coordinator

We have sent our first Mail-out to all of those schools that showed an interest during the consultation process. This is what it said;

We want to express our gratitude for your involvement so far in our Bees in Schools project and tell you that we have now completed Phase I. Our Consultant Howard Towl, who many of you will have heard from, has written a report for us to use as a road map for the next 5 years. To our delight, Howard has already begun making connections between Schools and Associations up and down the Country.


We have pondered this report and decided the best use of our money at this time is to sharpen our focus to the National Beekeeping Centre, here at HQ in Stoneleigh. This pilot is intended to test out teaching, planting and engagement methods with school groups so we can roll out materials across the Country to support you, the local school. In the meantime, we are developing our Schools in the Curriculum for Juniors and will have the refreshed version available in time for the new school year. For seniors, we are making some more focussed lesson plans available within the PHSE domain, and more generally in both Science and Maths. In actuality bees can feature in Art lessons, Photography, Drama, Resistant Materials (hive designs), English, Food Tech, and with a little thought, most lessons in the school.


In the New Year we will be adapting our constitution to Include ‘Schools membership’ into local associations, so you can get the support from your local beekeepers in a more ‘official’ capacity. Howard has done a brilliant job in writing different risk assessments and management plans and we have attached these to the email for your perusal.


Once again, please let us take this opportunity to thank you for your most valued input thus far. You can expect further updates from us in the Autumn.




Yours sincerely,


The documents contained within the email were;

1 - Managing your Apiary


2 - Schools' beekeeping management plan


3 - Model rules of the Apiary


4 - Model risk assessment is also available now