Young Beekeeper William


I’m 9 years old and from a small town called Boston in Lincolnshire. I first noticed bees at my first school whilst on the running track and started to notice they all looked different. Where some of my friends would run away from bees, I would keep calm and just watch them. I then found out in a topic lesson that pollinators were dying out due to (chemicals) pesticides and I felt upset that we could effect nature like this. My teacher told the class about how if we didn’t have pollinators that fruit and vegetables would not grow. There is lots of farmland where I live and we were lucky because some tree bees decided to live in our compost bin. I became very interested in seeing what the tree bees were doing. I wanted to check on them everyday & refused to let my dad move them. Since then I’ve reached lots about bees and kept on asking if we could keep bees. Last season my dad helped me to reach out to a local beekeeper to get a hive of honey bees. I like keeping bees because I feel like I’m making a difference and I love to tell people about them. My family helps with the bees and we have learnt a lot from books, YouTube & other beekeepers. We started with 1 hive and now have 5. I have dropped a frame of bees twice and they really don’t like it, they become very buzzy and let me know when I’ve gone wrong. I am hoping to enter and pass my basic exam to show everyone my knowledge on bees. Beekeeping can be done by anyone of any age with a little help. It makes me feel confident and calm when working on the hives, knowing my friends would run away.

Lifting the lid

Lottie age 7 & Jessie age 6;

We like beekeeping because we get honey and we LOVE honey! We wanted to start keeping bees because we listen to William & started to learn about diseases and how the bees are dying out. If we had no bees plants, vegetables and fruits can’t be pollinated. That would mean no honey as well! We love trying to spot the queen with her shorter wings and longer body. We haven’t been stung yet so still Lottie is a little scared but I’m not says Jessie. We know a lot about the brood, honey products, and how to build a hive. We love looking at fields to see if there is any oil seed rape or borage. We are hoping to have 10 hives and invite our friends round to learn about honey bees.

The Young Beekeepers!