Research Project Presentations.

Saturday March 27th

An opportunity to hear from another three of our funded research groups how they have progressed.

Draft programme with approximate timings

10.30 am Introduction. Pam Hunter

10.35am - 11.05am.  Drs Rinke Rinkenoog and Matthew Pound.  University of Northumbria.  This project arose as a follow on from the previous project where urban and rural sites were compared.  They are studying whether green infrastructure, provided by businesses, in urban environments can sustain bees and other pollinators.  The work includes assessing pollinator diversity across a range of sites in the city centre.  In addition, they are analysing pollen in honey and intend to use SEM.

          Q&A approx. 15 mins.

11.20am – 12.05pm.  Dr Barbara Smith. University of Coventry.  Dr Smith is planning to evaluate the effect of particulate matter (pollution) on honey bee colonies by placing sensors in apiaries which will monitor the presence of particles of 10 microns and smaller ones of 2.5 microns.  She is wanting to recruit beekeepers in the Midlands to take part in this study and to provide samples of bees and hive products.

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Email Dr Barbara Smith for more information

          Q&A approx. 15 mins

Break 10 minutes until 12.15pm

12.15pm – 12.45pm. Dr Juliette Poidatz.  University of Exeter.  Dr Poidatz and her group have a large project working on various aspects of the Asian Hornet some of which Peter Kennedy presented at the recent BBKA Asian Hornet conference. but this smaller project funded by BBKA is looking specifically at the prey of the hornet.  Work to date on this topic has mostly used microscopic remains of species which does not give a true picture.  The aim here is to use next-generation DNA barcoding using the COI gene to identify the prey species accurately.  They are working with partners in France, Jersey and in the UK who are collecting samples from hornet nests.

Q&A approx. 15 mins.

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