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Exam board News

BBKA Modules update

In April last year, the BBKA Examinations Board ran the Module exams for first time on-line with remote invigilation, using a platform called Inspera. At the time, we had 386 candidates who took all together 500 Modules. While technology gave us an opportunity to conduct the exams in times when handwritten sessions would not have been possible, it was not without some challenges. There was a lot to learn for all of us, Inspera, the Examinations Board and of course the candidates. Since then, there have been several updates to the system, and we have also learned how best to support our candidates on-line and how to optimise our use of Inspera.

Over the last two Module sessions, most of the candidates chose the on-line option. This led to a reduction in venues for the handwritten modules across the country almost by half, with many of the venues having only one candidate. While taking the pressure from some associations in terms of costs and volunteers for invigilation, this also gave us the assurance that on-line Modules are well received by Module candidates.

Considering the diminishing demand for the handwritten Modules, in 2023, handwritten option will be available only in three venues across the country. One venue in south England, one in the Midlands and one in north England. We expect to have the exact locations agreed and published by the end of this year. Furthermore, in 2024 these three venues will be reduced to only one (Stoneleigh), and as of 2025, only on-line Modules will be available. The gradual transition is to give an opportunity to those candidates still wishing to take Modules as handwritten to do so by the end of 2024.

Marin Anastasov, NDB
Chairman, BBKA Examinations Board

The Examination Board has decided to revise the refund policy for exams.

The new policy is:

Refunds will only be considered in the event of illness, injury of the candidate or sudden death of an immediate family member occurring within two (2) weeks prior to the Examination or Assessment. The Examination Board Secretary must be informed before the commencement of the examination or assessment and full details will be submitted to the Board Secretary within two weeks of being requested. The Board will then decide whether the Examination or Assessment fee is forfeit. This paragraph will be applied sympathetically.

The new policy will apply to forthcoming applications. The old policy will be applied to previous applications.

May 2022