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The Examination Board has decided to revise the refund policy for exams.

The new policy is:

Refunds will only be considered in the event of illness, injury of the candidate or sudden death of an immediate family member occurring within two (2) weeks prior to the Examination or Assessment. The Examination Board Secretary must be informed before the commencement of the examination or assessment and full details will be submitted to the Board Secretary within two weeks of being requested. The Board will then decide whether the Examination or Assessment fee is forfeit. This paragraph will be applied sympathetically.

The new policy will apply to forthcoming applications. The old policy will be applied to previous applications.

May 2022

New Syllabi and Reading lists for 2021 - 6/12/2021

New Reading lists for all modules now available Click here 

New Syllabi for Modules now available Click here

Module Exams Results are scheduled to be issued week commencing 17th January 2022.

Dates for future module exams are:

19th March 2022
12th November 2022

Members interested in applying for future exams should contact their Association Exam Secretary to request a link.