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BBKA members can now apply and pay for examinations and assessments online. The new examination application  administration system (EXA) should go live on February 15th and from this point candidates will be able to apply on line rather than use a paper form. To get an online application form please ask your local Exam Secretary to email you a link. This link can be used to fill in the application form and and pay online. You will get an email receipt to confirm your application has been received.

Exam Board Statement about Practical Assessments  - 25th  January 2021

The Examinations Board is endeavouring to run practical assessments as usual this summer. This is dependent on what Covid-19 restrictions are in place at the time. Though we have an expectation that restrictions will have lifted to an extent that the practical assessments will be able to take place this summer, this is not guaranteed. We are hoping that it will be safe to run the assessments by this point and are proceeding on the basis that this will be the case. The last date for applications is 28th February.

This deadline does not apply to the Basic Assessment.

Examination Board statement about March 2021 Exams

The global outbreak of COVID-19 led to the cancellation of the March and November 2020 module exams as social distancing rules made the exams untenable. As we move into winter and another national lockdown, it seems likely that the coming months will offer little to change the situation.

Many institutions, such as universities, have been examining candidates using online invigilation systems. The Examination Board has been looking into this possibility and has been trialling suitable software.

We believe we will be able to hold the spring module exams on the weekend of 24th and 25th April 2021 using online invigilation, so people can take module exams online in their own homes. Unfortunately, we will not be offering the module exams as written papers this spring due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

The final application date for Module exams will be 31st January 2021 and candidates will be able to sit a maximum of two modules.  Anyone who has already applied and does not want to take the exam online can have their entry transferred to November 2021 at no cost, when we are planning to offer paper exams. 

November 2020.

Exam board statement about November Exams

'The global outbreak of COVID-19 has meant that we have had to limit socialising and gatherings, to help prevent the spread of this disease. Inevitably, this has had a huge impact on the BBKA exam system, that relies on candidates, assessors, and invigilators to meet in close proximity or travel some distance away from home.

Following the feedback from many associations and individuals on the matter, we have taken the difficult decision to cancel the BBKA assessments for the remaining part of 2020. These include Show Judge certificate in October as well as Module exams and Microscopy assessments in November.

The main concern of the Exam Board is the safety of all candidates, assessors and invigilators. While some associations have indicated that they may be able to facilitate the Module exams, others have advised against it. We want to offer equal opportunities to all members who wish to take the BBKA exams. With the current situation however, we do not feel this is achievable for all involved.

Candidates who have applied for assessments in 2020 will get free transfer for 2021, or get their fees refunded if they prefer. Due to the cancellations of the exams, the condition that candidates need to have taken all Modules within 12 years of the first module taken has now been removed.  

We know how much value beekeepers put on the BBKA exam system. To support those who continue on their learning journey, we are exploring alternative ways to hold the Module exams and hope to have solution in place for the early part of 2021.'

July 2020

Monday March 23rd 2020


Update Coronavirus - Message from Val Francis Exam Secretary 

It is less than a week since my last notice but things have already moved on with more restrictions and requirements for social distancing and isolation.  Officials are now warning that periods of social distancing could be a feature of our lives for at least a year.  With so much uncertainty the Exam Board has decided to cancel all practical assessments until September.  This will apply to Advanced Husbandry, General Husbandry, Bee Breeding, Bee Health, Basic and Junior Certificates.  We will review the situation in September regarding the Microscopy Assessments.

Candidates who have applied already will receive a free transfer to next year or a refund if they prefer.

URGENT UPDATE!!!!!! All exams for March 21st cancelled to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Here is a statement from the Examinations Board: 

Yesterday, there was a new statement that escalated the precautions we need to take to limit the spread of the coronavius to a different level. Consequently, it is with great regret that the Examinations Board has decided that they must act within the Government Guidelines and cancel the Examinations on March 21st. 

We know how much work the candidates have put into the preparation for these exams and the decision has not been made lightly but we do not wish to put invigilators or candidates at risk for an activity which is not essential. 

The free transfer of fees and applications will extend to March 2021. 

Our written and practical examinations support our desire set high standards to educate our beekeepers. They are valuable to everyday beekeeping but also, they are key to learning all of the fascinating science you could think of about your bees and their lives.

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To apply for an exam or assessment please contact your local Exam Secretary. They will be able to email you a link to the application form. You can use this to apply and pay online. You will get a receipt by email to confirm we have your application. If you are not sure how to contact your local exam secretary then check with your local association. Independent members can contact the BBKA office to receive their application link form by email. "

Modular Examination subjects:-

M1 - Module 1: Honey Bee Management
M2 - Module 2: Honey Bee Products & Forage
M3 - Module 3: Pest, Diseases & Poisoning
Module 4 withdrawn
M5 - Module 5: Honey Bee Biology
M6 - Module 6: Honey Bee Behaviour
M7 - Module 7: Selection & Breeding of Honey Bees
M8 - Module 8: Honey Bee Management, Health & History

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