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16.1  Structure: The management of the BBKA shall be vested in an EC comprising the following: 

16.1.1  The President who is a Trustee; 

16.1.2  Twelve members, who shall previously have stated their willingness to act as Trustees.

16.2  Proceedings of the Executive Committee 

16.2.1  The members of the EC may regulate their proceedings as they think fit, subject to the provisions of this constitution. 

16.2.2  The quorum shall be at least half the number of Trustees, subject to a minimum of four.

16.2.3  The person elected as Chairman shall chair meetings of the EC. If the Chairman is not available the person elected as Vice Chairman will chair the meeting. In the absence of both, the EC may elect a temporary Chairman for the meeting, subject to Clause 16.2.2 above.

16.2.4 The person elected as Chairman shall have no powers except those conferred by this constitution or delegated to him/her by the EC.

16.2.5 Only the Trustees have the right to vote. In the case of an equality of votes, the Chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote. 

16.2.6 No decisions made by a meeting of the EC shall be valid unless a quorum is present at the time. 

16.2.8 Meetings of the EC shall be recorded with agreed actions and decisions made. 

16.2.9 The EC will hold at least four meetings a year.

16.3  Officers in attendance at EC meetings The following Officers namely The General Secretary, The Treasurer, The Examinations Board Secretary and The Editor BBKA News will be invited to attend all meetings of the EC, but shall not have voting rights.

16.4  The EC may invite advisers and observers to attend Meetings of the EC as they think fit. The EC may require any or all persons who are not Trustees to leave the meeting when they feel that the item to be discussed should only be revealed to the Trustees.

16.5  The EC shall have full authority to manage the affairs of the BBKA subject only to this Constitution, the requirements of the Charities Acts and the resolutions of the Delegate Meetings.