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February 2022

BBKA's Executive Committee has decided to withdraw from the International Meeting of Young Beekeepers 2022 which is planned to be held in Russia.

BBKA's president is investigating whether an event can be held in the UK this year to celebrate our own young beekeepers. 

October 2021

The IMYB organising commitee are working to find a venue for the event to take place July 2022.  It is hoped that this will be announced by the end of 2021.  For youngsters who are interested in particpating in IMYB and would like to register their interest , please email [email protected] and we will keep you updated with the news.

February 2020 Message from Simon Cavill

 International Meeting of Young Beekeepers - Selection Day CANCELLED.

I’m contacting those that have expressed an interest in attending our IMYB selection day on the 28th March 2020. It will take place at the BBKA HQ in Stoneleigh from 10am to about 3pm and participants will need a packed lunch and their clean beesuits, gloves etc. After an initial presentation about the IMYB, parents will be asked to leave their charges with us so that we can get on with the selection process which consists of a variety of group and individual exercises under the supervision on myself and Serena Watts an experienced teacher. We will hopefully inspect some live bees or work on a training hive if the weather is against us. The selection process will finish around 3pm and we will announce those who have been selected before you leave.

 Those selected will be expected to attend a couple of preparation events to provide further training

 This event is for those interested in both the 2020 event in Slovenia as well as finding out more about future events such as IMYB 2021 in Russia and beyond. To that end any child over 10 with a keen interest in beekeeping is very welcome to attend and find out more about this life-changing event. Participants wanting to attend the IMYB in 2020 will need to be aged between 12-16.

This year the organisers are expecting teams from 35-40 countries to attend from all over the world.  There is a website with basic information on the event and we are looking to select 3 young beekeepers to form the English team.  Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Ireland will also be sending teams and we may well travel together to and from the event.

11th INTERNATIONAL MEETING OF YOUNG BEEKEEPERS – IMYB. Ivančna Gorica, Slovenia, 6th July – 10th July 2020

Pictures from the 2019 event in Slovakia can be seen here. 

IMPORTANT – Please let us know if you are intending to come to the event – we need to know the candidates’ names and ages and any allergies or other information you think we should know.

 Please also pass this onto any other young beekeepers that you think might want to attend.

 Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.

 Kind regards

 Simon Cavill

Tel: 07733 307123

8th July 2019

This year the IMYB was held in Banská Bystrica Slovakia and our BBKA team representing England consisted of:


William Akers - 14 from Chesham, Bucks

Ben Sullivan - 15 from Norfolk

Natalie Philips - 14 from Liverpool

(left to right) 

We linked up with the other home teams from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland at Vienna Airport whilst we waited for the coach to collect us and many other teams before we embarked on a 4 hour journey to the venue.

This year was the biggest ever, with 30 individual countries sending teams from as far away as Canada, Australia, the Lebanon and Egypt. As usual each of our teens was assigned into a team of around 6-7  individuals with a wide range of abilities, beekeeping knowledge and languages. It’s therefore essential that each member is able to get on with their new team and so we deliberately select team members from the BBKA who are confident and outgoing.

Over the next three days the new teams take part in a wide variety of beekeeping exercises, and they soon realise that Slovakian bees are incredibly calm with little need for bee suits. However, it's soon clear that there are many ways of working with bees and even the sons and daughters of professional bee farmers elsewhere can struggle when seeing how the local beekeepers perform certain tasks.

At the end of the event, the results were announced and as usual the Eastern European countries dominated the results with Slovenia 3rd, Slovakia 2nd and the Czech Republic 1st.              

However, the biggest prize for the worlds best young beekeeper scoring the highest number of points individually was won by an exceptional Martin Leahy from Scotland.


The English team came 22nd out of 29 this year, but Natalie, Ben and William were constantly complimented on their attitude and spirit, taking full advantage in learning the very different ways of beekeeping outside the UK.  It’s also important to realise that the winning countries select their teams from several thousand applicants through both regional and national heats whereas we in the BBKA sometimes struggle to get double digits in numbers of candidates coming forward.

In 2020, the 11th IMYB will be held in Slovenia - home of the Carolinan bee and a huge beekeeping country, so it’s clear that they will be pulling out all the stops and anticipate 40-45 countries taking part. We are therefore starting our 2020 BBKA team recruitment now and want as many candidates who are 12-17 and members of the BBKA either through their school or local Association to come forward by calling or emailing the BBKA office or by contacting Simon Cavill directly at [email protected].  We will also have a presence at the National Honey Show and probably the Spring Convention where you can meet previous IMYB attendees and find out more about this unique and life changing event.

11th March 2019 

The IMYB Assessment took place on 10th March at Stoneleigh Head Quarters and organiser Simon Cavill says a fine team has been assembled for the meeting in July. As well as the team for this year he said there were some enthusiastic future candidates that attended who will be all set to join future teams as they now have a real feeling for what the meeting is about.

Three 14 year old beekeepers were selected at a special recruitment day. They are, Natalie Phillips from Liverpool, William Akers from Buckinghamshire and Ben Sullivan from Norfolk. 

5th Jan 2019

Calling all teen beeks…

It’s that time of year again when we start recruiting young beekeepers for the 2019 IMYB which is in its 10th year and is being held in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, on the  3rd July - 7th July 2019. As before, we are looking for a team of three teen beeks aged between 12-17 with either the BBKA Basic or Junior Assessment (or equivalent experience) to come on an all expenses paid, life-changing trip. You will meet, work and learn from fellow young beekeepers from almost 30 countries around the world and a great time is guaranteed!

As before, we are holding our team selection day on Sunday 10th March at the BBKA HQ at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire from 10:30 am and will take 4-5 hours.  Each candidate will take part in a series of written and practical exercises either individually or in a group, and we will make our team selection by the end of the day. We are looking for three candidates plus a reserve and each must have a valid passport with at least 6 months to run after July 2019.

We also want to encourage prospective candidates to come forward to find out about the IMYB for future applications, so anyone over 10 years old is welcome on the day with their parents/guardian.

Have a look at the IMYB website 

You can contact Simon Cavill on [email protected] direct with any questions and to sign up now!