Friday 0001 20 May 2022

World Bee Day is celebrated every year on the 20th May. It is a day when beekeepers raise awareness of the importance of bees and beekeeping, and inform the public of beekeeping events where they can learn more about bees!

The public can help bees by planting bee friendly plants in their gardens and encouraging their councils to plant wildflower meadows and leave grass verges alone to allow wildflowers to bloom. Here in the UK May is a busy time for beekeepers who are tending their bees and watching them progress into strong colonies and often bringing in a spring honey crop - depending on the weather and forage available. British Beekeeper's Chair Stephen Barnes talks about what he will be doing for World Bee Day

We also have leaflets and information about planting for bees and a Planting for bees quarterly blog available to encourage the public to help support bees by planting more food.

Stockport Beekeepers

Mellor School in Stockport is building its first apiary for World Bee Day and they are doing a big bee art project at Mellor Railway Station. Teacher Christine Skelly who is in charge of the project said "It started with the Trees for Bees project run by the Stockport branch of Cheshire Beekeepers and has just kept going." On World Bee day the whole school will dress up as bees to raise funds for the purchase of honeybees and bee suits. Stockport Beekeepers Association have donated the starter hive and kit.

Warwick & Leamington Beekeepers

Are supporting the “Canals and Rivers Trust family fun day” with a bee workshop on 20th May at Hawkesbury Junction, Coventry. Ormskirk & Croston Beekeepers Are attending a primary and a junior school on May 19 as part of bee awareness week. There will be lots of bee related activites. Martin Smith from Ormskirk & Croston branch will be taking an observation hive to Blue Peter as part of their follow up show to World Bee Day. Watch Blue Peter on Friday 27th May on BBC.

Darlington BKA are formally opening their new apiary at RHS Harlow Carr on World Bee Day.


Notes to Editors Clare McGettigan, BBKA Trustee, will be available for interviews. Please contact Diane Roberts, Press Officer on 07841625797 [email protected]