British Beekeepers Association


British Beekeepers Association
4th December 2010

20,000th Member


As  membership soars to a 30 year high, the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) announced today that Mrs Tara Ford, a member of the Sidcup branch of the Kent Beekeepers Association, has become its 20,000th member.


Mrs Ford, a florist, became interested in bees in 2009 and took a recognised BBKA Introductory Course run by her local beekeepers early this year.


Mrs Ford, said: “I’d always been fascinated by  honey bees, but concerned about their decline, so having  got an allotment and some chickens, it just seemed natural to go on and  learn about beekeeping.


“The local beekeepers have been very welcoming to me and my family – even providing a bee suit for my daughter. Sophie has watched as I learnt the art of handling a hive of 50,000 bees closely guided by my beekeeping mentor.


“By July I felt confident  enough to have  a hive on my allotment. It’s so satisfying to watch the bees flying around the allotment, collecting nectar and  pollinating the crops -every site should have some.”


David Rea, Chairman of Sidcup Beekeepers said: “Tara has become a ‘model’ beekeeper and you can only do that by learning how to handle bees responsibly before you get your own.”


“Our membership matches the steep upward curve across the UK. We have nearly 70 active members – the highest number for 25 years.”